Who we Are

Over the many years, our team members have continued to expand their knowledge about the methods and procedures that must be followed during the procurement and delivery of important Pharmaceutical products.

Today, Deluxe Health Group is actively involved in the pharmaceutical procurement and related services for a wide range of unique medical therapies. We have a diverse client base, from one researcher to international pharmaceutical companies. We are focused and committed and hold ourselves accountable to our clients.

We pride ourselves on our achievements and those of our clients. We have a responsibility of helping deliver potential cures to those in need and we take it very seriously. We hope to contribute to many more opportunities in the future.

Additionally, we supply to
  • 1) NGO”s
  • 2) Licensed Doctor;s Clinics
  • 3) Private and government hospitals
  • 4) Medication under Named Patient Program
  • 5) We help support your government or hospital tender requirements.

Global Sourcing

We have worked hard to develop strong partnerships with manufacturers and authorized distributors from all major pharmaceutical markets worldwide. Over the years, we have worked hard to cultivate these important relationships. Deluxe Health Group's in-house pharmaceutical sourcing specialists use a global network of leading manufacturers, wholesalers and carefully selected QA-qualified healthcare professionals to provide reasonably priced access to just about any product. Let us know what you need, how much you need and we'll work on getting it for you, even if it's a difficult item to usually find. When you use for pharmaceutical sourcing, you get access to a global network that can deliver what you need, where you need it and when you need it. Always in the perfect condition. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a comparator sourcing alone or a comprehensive package that includes manufacturing and blinding, packaging and labeling, warehousing and distribution and regulatory consulting, we can customize any program that would suit you and your needs most.

Supply Chain

Blind Shipping Depot

Pre-launch Solutions

We specialize in being a supplier of Comparator drugs and ancillaries based in Canada, USA and the UK. We are able to offer our customers vast range of branded and generic products for use in clinical trials at competitive pricing. Our clients include of the top Pharma, CRO and Packaging companies.

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With our blind shipping options, you are able to have orders sent directly to your customers with your own company’s identification. Whenever you specify an order to be blind shipped, a custom packing slip will be included with your company’s logo, contact information, and a personalized message to your customer. The shipping label that we use will include your company’s name and address.

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During the pre-launch clinical period, we are able to help patients who are receiving investigational medicinal products to continue to obtain them through compassionate use and named patient supplies.

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What we Do

We are fully licensed as a pharmaceutical procurement specialist. We work with many different clients needing support in sourcing comparator drugs and pharmaceutical reference samples to conduct clinical trials and research. Now, while that might be a straight forward explanation, the actual process can be quite complex and very time consuming. It will require expert knowledge of regulations, quality assurance, use of resources and a team that is committed to deliver world class service. This will ensure that each and every project will be conducted precisely on time and on budget.

We understand that our clients are performing extremely important work and our goal is to make this process as effortless and as convenient as possible, as well as affordable. We are able to consistently accomplish this goal.

We have the experience and track record of success in supplying comparator drugs. We have the knowledge and familiarity necessary to achieve these results. We come packed with resources and processes that achieve results that have been tested and proven. Our reliable network of manufacturers, authorized distributors and service providers around the world enables us to quickly assess and present a solution that works for our client. Last but not least, we provide world class quality. We don't cut corners; the heart of everything we do is focused on quality. When you work with us at Deluxe Health Group, you can guarantee your peace of mind, knowing that we take quality as seriously as you do.

We have the ability to help you source products from major global markets. We have successfully assisted our clients to source reference samples and comparator drugs from around the world. We simplify the process and the way we have done that is by being licensed in multiple jurisdictions; our core competencies include:
  • Pharmaceutical Procurement
  • Quality Assurance
  • Regulatory Expertise
  • Validated Storage
  • Logistics and Distribution

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