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Managed access programs
During the pre-launch clinical period, we are able to help patients who are receiving investigational medicinal products to continue to obtain them through compassionate use and named patient supplies.

Our brand development and market access solutions include:
  • Innovative brand support
  • Patient support programs
  • Limited distribution services

During each stage of your clinical trial journey, Deluxe Health Group will support you in managing your research on a central, regional or local level.

We are part of great organizations that can offer you a wider variety of services than most clinical trial support organizations.

We have an international reach that allows us to help research teams, pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations achieve the smooth running of trials across several continents. This includes the supply to research sites outside the North American areas.

Confidence and control
Deluxe Health Group supports hundreds of clinical trials each year. We ensure and adhere to all quality standards set by each country, we comply with GMP & international guidelines. We have Good Distribution Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice certified warehouses all over the world.